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 A Brief Life Sketch..(Hadi Das)

The college is named  Mahapurusa Hadi Das as a mark of respect to this great saint of Odisha. The institution aspires to survive under the divine grace of this super human personality. Born at Champapur just one km. from Chhatia in 1772 A.D. to the parents Chemei Ojha and Devaki  of a blacksmith family, Hadi Das grew up in abject poverty throughout his infancy. He was really poor in money but rich in spiritualism and devotion. His parent had lost all the children before Hadi Das was born. For this reason his parent out of love and affection named their child as”Hadi”(a low cast). Actually his real name was Hadi Das ( the servant if Vishnu).

Hadi Das chose for his ancestral occupation a place at Chhatia called / Kalagiri / surrounded by trees  and bushes . Later on he got this piece of land from Guljar Hussain, the Zamindar of Darpanigarh. The Bata or the tree under which he was working is said to be still preserved as a symbol. The temple there carry the name of the place “Chhatia”  and the name of Bata as well. Hadi Das took his mahasamadhi under a cave inside the Bata.

A Short brief about  our college

With the given situation that the district of Jajpur Comprised of tribal and rural poor who continued to suffer in the grip of poverty and illiteracy without a ray of hope for higher education, Mahapurusa Hadi Das Mahavidyalaya, was established at Chhatia in 1978 by a few luminaries of the locality who with their humanitarian efforts aspired to help them escape their narrow sense of vision and help them withness the wider avenues of life that Higher Education can open for them.

The Major financial contribution for this noble cause was made by Sri Rama Chandra Das, the  successor of Hadi Das.

It will be right to mention that the college has grown up with the generous support of the people of  the locality in general and the kind help of the personnel like Mr. Sitakant Mohapatra, the then M.L.A. of Barachana, Mr. Rashbihari Behera, the then minister of Harijan and Tribal welfare and Mr. Biju Pattnaik, the then C.M. of Odisha

in particular who by means of sanctioning grams to the college under different heads, have fabulously contributed to the growth and maintenance of the college. He also provide more  than 8 acres of Govt. land to the institution. Apart from them many others  have contributed generously for the development of the college.

Our Vision

To empower the rural youth through access to education, particularly higher education, enabling them emancipate from the shackles of superstition, poverty and misery, and make them intellectually alive and socially responsible citizens. And above all, ” to draw out the best in…(their) mind body and spirit”.

Our Mission

Inspiring the deprived rural poor to the mainstream of higher education.

Pursuing to achieve excellence in quality teaching, learning and research.

Fostering and encouraging innovation and creativity.

Recognizing and accepting social responsibility.

Inculcating the spirit of unity in Diversity.

And integrating to the global perspective with a motto “Basudheiva Kutumbakam”

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