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 new-blinkProfile of History 2016-17

Profile of History 2015-16

Knowledge has many  froms  like Science, Arts and Social Science. History the discipline specialising in under standing the part, it self is an enterprise of knowledge. History acquires an important place became other enterprise of knowledge, like science and philosophy  also constitute is subject matter.

Bertard Russel, (1872- 1970) great philosopher thought history cures short writer  by exposing us beyond our times  Russel wanted history to be read by all and not only by the historians.

Amartya Sen (1933) argues public  intereb in History on  basically due to three reasons. Firstly, there can be a simple curiosity about knowing past. Secondly  says Sen, there can be practical reason to know the part. We may study history to learn from blunders committed in the part. Thirdly, history in put to the service of constructing searching modern identities.

The 20th century  was a bad time to history. Its started with the materialist need and technological advanced. Francis Fukuyama spoke about ‘the end of history’ but he did not mean to give it the death sentence. In 2002, fukuyama realized  his opinion on declared ” I here can be no and of history without an end of modern natural  science on technology. In keeping with the new trend in Social Science, History has became inter disciplinary.

In the year, 1986, History on parts Subject was opened in the college in view of increasing need and demand of students, honours in history was  opened in 1992-93. History an elective subject in +3 level has been  introduced from the academic session 2002-03 with the modification 1 Degree Syllabus 1 Utkal University and the U.G.C guideline.

The Admission Committee select the Hons. students after personal counselling of the  students in the basis of +2 examination results.

Vision of the Deptt.

The Deptt. has some vision to make the student enlighter regarding the scientific learning of Regional and National History.

  • To acquire knowledge, information regarding  Indian Culture and Civilization.
  • To enhance outlook of the puplils by study tours, arranging seminar (Deparmental /National label), Group Discussion, Remedial classes.

Academic Mission

We faculty members of the Deptt. prepare the lesson plan and progress register as per the syllabus.

  • Remedial classes were taken for slow learner.
  • Induction meeting for new comers.
  • Holding of Welcome, Farewell ceremony, Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Study tours etc.
  • Regular assessment of Honours students.

Technical Learning  ffacility

The Deptt. Consist of  four faculty members.The members of the Deptt. are Sri Nrusingha Ch. Tripathy, Sri Chitta ranjan Sahu, Sri Bharat Bhusan Sahoo, Smt. Kabita Sahoo.

The Student Srents of the Deptt. in hHnours level in 54 to 70 in pass, elective level respectively.