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Students’ Academic Management System(SAMS)

Admission into +2 1st year and +3 1st year Classes are made as per the e-admission guidelines given by Department of higher education.

Rules for Students.

  1. All Students shall be in Possessions of their College identity cards at all times in the college
  2. All Students should wear the Prescribed uniform in all working days besides any special occasion, if notified.
  3. All students are required to maintain discipline in the college and attend classes as per their time table otherwise they won’t eligible fill up forms for the annual examination.
  4. All students have to appear all tests monthly, weekly, pre-test, test and even class tests. Monthly tests shall carry weight age for the results in test examination. The CCE progress (Continuous Comprehensive Examination) will show their academic progress. Any students who has not appeared at least two tests in a year can not appear at the Annual examination.
  5. All selection, seat in hostel, honors subjects groups shall be made an the basis of merit. No Complain in this regard shall be entertained.
  6. All students will participate/enroll in at least one extra-curricular/Co-Curricular activity such as ECO CLUB/NSS/YRC as per their choices attend all programmes related to its academic session the grade A B C D will be assigned in their Cumulative Record Card as per their performance.
  7. All students are directed to maintain the discipline and follow the codes of the institution.

The  courses of studies for various classes are prepared by CHSE/Utkal University for each session. Any changes in the syllabus are Communicated by the CHSE/University at the beginning  of the session. The college has Provision for admission in the following subjects. The following departments are holding  their departmental activities along with regular classes.

Higher Secondary Wing  

+2 Arts

Compulsory Subjects:

  • English
  • MIL (Odia/Hindi/Sans/Alternative English)
  • Environmental Education
  • Yoga

Elective Subjects:

Any four Elective Selecting from the prescribed subjects infringement of this in any manner is  subject to rejection of the form.

  • Political Science
  • History
  • Economics
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Home Science
  • Odia
  • Sanskrit

Note: Education are can not take with  Psychology  & Optional Oriya are can not take with Optional Sanskrit.

+3 Arts 

Compulsory Subjects:

  • English paper I & II  = 200 Marks
  • MIL (Odia/Hindi)  Paper I & II = 200 Marks
  • Indian Society and Cultural  = 100 Marks
  • Environmental Study = 50 Marks
  • Population Studies    = 50 marks

Elective Subjects:

A students shall choose any two of the following elective subjects.

  • Indian Politics
  • Land marks in Indian History
  • Education, Sanskrit, Home Science

Honours Subject:

  • English = 16 Seats
  • Odia = 16 Seats
  • Economic = 16 Seats
  • Education = 16 Seats
  • Home Science = 16 Seats
  • Political Science = 16 Seats
  • Psychology = 16 Seats
  • Sanskrit = 16 Seats

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